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The truly fashion conscious know that boutiques are the only way to shop; finally this experience is available online. Being away from a city where boutiques are abundant can pose quite the dilemma sometimes. Farfetch offers boutiques around North America and Europe I would probably never have access to otherwise (or could at least travel to in the time span I wanted to), making it far more useful than any physical store I could visit.

Fast worldwide shipping and free global returns — Enjoy.

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Future of Fashion

Global Fashion Local Tradition: On the Globalisation of Fashion
Edited by Jan Brand and Jose Teunissen

A collection of photographs and essays of fashion around the world that tells the story of fashion’s future in this globalized world. Designers are incorporating influences beyond the basic fashion tradition — instead looking to philosophy, architecture, politics, and anthropology. Topics range from the global proliferation of ┬áthe “Fashion Week” concept to the catwalk images of different international designers.

Hussein Chalaya

John Galliano

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A Cutting-Edge Selection


The Corner — offering not only the latest collections from established designers across the globe but also the latest, emerging designers. Now giving first access to the debut collections of American’s Most Promising Young Talents sponsored by CDFA/Vogue, Christmas gift ideas from around the globe, a guide to dressing the Parisian way, and a taste, or rather an articulate play by play, of New York styling.

Free standard shipping worldwide makes the site a corner I never want to leave.

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