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Streetstyle: New York

The Sartorialist

Street Peeper

Refinery 29

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Mr. Streetstyle

I think everyone knows not to believe in magazines anymore, they know that magazines are just page after page of advertisers…Magazines are driven by fear: they have to keep these advertisers and do these things for them. But now blogs have grown so big that I get emails like that all the time. But we know, Garance and I, that the thing for us is the level of integrity so we just don’t do it.
Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, widely popular, sometimes controversial street style blogger

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Double Shot

The Sartorialist

New York


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Men’s Wear

Outnumbered by their female counterparts, snapped men can still hold their own in the world of street style.

Face Hunter

The Sartorialist

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Meet Garance Doré

I began my blog in June, 2006. I was an illustrator and growing frustrated – with the type of work I was getting, yes, but mostly frustrated because I wasn’t really connecting with the readers of the magazines I was working for. I wanted to do something a little more free, more spontaneous.

I had just discovered blogs and decided it could be a great way to get feedback about my work. I opened my blog and published a few of my drawings, and soon after started adding text to them. I found joy in sharing snippets of my life – what got me thinking, inspired me, or just made me laugh.

That’s how it became quite clear to me that fashion was my dearest subject. I like how often it changes its mind and in it, you can see the passing of time. I like that it’s as beautiful on movie stars as it is on the street because everything is only how you look at it.

That’s why one day, inspired by the photos of Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, I picked up a camera and haven’t let go since (not to the camera, nor Scott – but I won’t write a novel here, promise.) With the growing and unexpected success of the blog, my passion became a career and I now shoot editorials and ad campaigns. Additionally, I shoot videos, give talks, and consult for international brands. And I love it.

My blog continues to evolve and I with it. I continue to diversify my sources of both inspiration and expression – and it’s all always here, on my blog, which remains my dearest form of expression. It’s where I feel most free, and where, together, my readers and I have created a space we can share. And I cherish that with all my heart.


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Street Style: Paris

The Sartorialist

Style and the City

Easy Fashion Paris


Harper’s Bazaar

Vanessa Jackman

Trendy Crew

Vogue and Vintage

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More Spots

Polka dots still reign supreme on the fall streets of Paris.

The Satorialist

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